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Jenn & Lee get married – teaser + highlights

Finally it’s here – the story of Jenn and Lee’s wedding!

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here’s the blog post:

here’s the original post of the teaser:


Stopping motion in chaos

Daycare Picture Day Portraits

As a father of a 2 year old, I found it very enjoyable taking photos of my baby in the first year. Once they get mobile and talkative, that’s when it gets difficult.

There’s the challenge of capturing images of your own child, but imagine capturing images of 40 of them!

It’s fun, but as the school director pointed out, you need the “patience of Job” (from the Bible).

Daycare Picture Day Group

Addy Chan

We were looking for a host for a TV pilot we were working on. One of the producers, Geoff, made a recommendation for Addy Chan. She’s primarily a dancer, but has a great on camera personality as well.

Ray trying to avoid getting in the frame

We shot at Mel Lastman’s Square at Yonge and Sheppard. Beautiful day, nice empty location where no one would bother us. We used a wired lav, 5D, and shoulder rig.

Addy Chan at Mel Lastman square

Addy’s a great talent and a pleasure to work with. We also covered a dance event called “The Bazaar” which she performed in. We’ll post about that later.


We put together a 30 second clip of the audition. There isn’t much speaking in this clip even though most of the audition was actually speaking as a host. There’s just too much branding in the dialog, so we just put this together.