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jaypee and adrian SDE – thursday is the new saturday

It doesn’t often happen, but sometimes technical glitches do occur. For what should have been Jaypee & Adrian’s same day edit, slowly turned into a next day edit after an evening marathon of technical anomalies. Nevertheless our team pulled through the night, well into the morning to trouble shoot the problem; even having to rebuild pieces of the edit.

Although several hours overdue we finally have our edit to share. With amazing patience from Jaypee & Adrian, we are excited to finally be able to unfold the events of their amazing and very emotional wedding day. Being a ‘unique’ wedding held on a Thursday evening, it was definitely not one to forget!

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Behind the Scenes: Lavish & Light Photography Bridal Collaboration

Not too long ago we had the pleasure to work with some of our fellow vendors who are, not only a great source of inspiration, creativity and talent, but are so much fun to work with!

Take a look behind the scenes as our friend Lisa from Lavish & Light Photography ( teamed up with makeup artist Krista Lynn Samek, Laurel Munro Floral Design, and Made In Camera Cinematography for the very first time..

We hope to have the many more opportunities in the future where we get to work along side such friendly, like-minded creative minds!

See the complete Lavish & Light blog post here for all the juicy details:

See the vimeo post here:


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woofstock 2011

downtown toronto, ontario, canada

For all of the dog lovers!

Every year animal enthusiasts and dog lovers from all across North America meet and play out in the streets of downtown Toronto. We are big animal lovers ourselves, so this year we decided to spend a few hours one Sunday afternoon to meet and capture some of the many four-legged attendees on camera.

With 1 camera, a Cinevate simplis rig, and a backpack of lenses we hit the streets…


view our vimeo post here:

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melanie & ryan’s SDE – Rain and motorcycles don’t mix! Well… they do now!!!

Melanie and Ryan approached us early last year through our photog friend FJ Sarmiento, before we had even established ourselves as Made In Camera. They had full trust in us even back then to deliver something for them that we will never forget.

Another rainy wedding it was indeed, but to differ, Melanie and her team of bridesmaids soldiered the cold and wet weather and made for some amazing images for their edit. Ryan, adding his own flare with his hilarious personality was definitely made to be in front of the camera.

Thank you both for one amazing night! It’s so apparent how much you are loved by all your family and friends.

Notable moments:
@2:09 – Ryan brought to tears by Melanie’s walk down the aisle

@2:20 – the 2 fathers giving each other a high-five behind the bride and groom as they met at the altar

@3:27 – the GRAND entrance

– the violinist, more on this later….

see the vimeo post here:

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Shifting Possibilities – Bboy Piecez

Piecez’s passion for dance led him to a potentially career ending injury.

Despite what doctors said, Piecez still pushes the limits of what is possible as a Bboy.

Piecez is living proof that we have the power to shift what’s possible.

Find more of his story at and how he gives back to the community at

Directed and edited by Raymond Mendoza.

Also on YouTube:​watch?v=CZiVcITpfnY

Turbo.264 HD Fast Encodes, Not so great quality

This is a more technical post than what we usually do, but I think it’s also important to share information in addition to showcasing our clients.

As you have probably noticed, same day edits are a big part of our portfolio. We’re always trying to find ways to streamline our workflows and produce higher quality stories in shorter time.

One aspect that takes a lot of time is encoding i.e. taking our edit and exporting it to a format suitable for delivery on web, DVD, BluRay, etc.

Recently, we picked up a Turbo.264 HD which a device that plugs into your USB port and speed up encodes.

Turbo.264 HD

It definitely speeds things up, but at a major price of quality. As an example, we used a 5 minute wedding film. Our regular encoder, Compressor, took 46 minutes to spit out an HD file while it took Turbo.264 HD, 16 minutes.

I tried to get the bitrates to match, but to no avail. The results are pretty obvious. Turbo.264 HD darkens the image and reduces quite a bit of detail.

Our recommendation is not to use it only for intermediate exports not the final product.

01-Compressor vs. Turbo.264 HD

02-Compressor vs Turbo.264 HD

Tiffany & Giovanny’s Same Day Edit

This couple first met dancing salsa – so we thought it’d only be appropriate to open up with an extra special dance number that we shot in the hotel lobby – just minutes before the doors opened up to the reception! We loved their passion for salsa music and the energy of all the guests – especially evident during Tiffany and Giovanny’s salsa entrance.

Here’s the video we later presented to Tiffany and Giovanny at their wedding reception.

Please feel free to share and leave a comment!

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Here is the blog post:

Jenn & Lee get married – teaser + highlights

Finally it’s here – the story of Jenn and Lee’s wedding!

Feel free to leave us your comments.

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here’s the blog post:

here’s the original post of the teaser:

Stopping motion in chaos

Daycare Picture Day Portraits

As a father of a 2 year old, I found it very enjoyable taking photos of my baby in the first year. Once they get mobile and talkative, that’s when it gets difficult.

There’s the challenge of capturing images of your own child, but imagine capturing images of 40 of them!

It’s fun, but as the school director pointed out, you need the “patience of Job” (from the Bible).

Daycare Picture Day Group

Addy Chan

We were looking for a host for a TV pilot we were working on. One of the producers, Geoff, made a recommendation for Addy Chan. She’s primarily a dancer, but has a great on camera personality as well.

Ray trying to avoid getting in the frame

We shot at Mel Lastman’s Square at Yonge and Sheppard. Beautiful day, nice empty location where no one would bother us. We used a wired lav, 5D, and shoulder rig.

Addy Chan at Mel Lastman square

Addy’s a great talent and a pleasure to work with. We also covered a dance event called “The Bazaar” which she performed in. We’ll post about that later.


We put together a 30 second clip of the audition. There isn’t much speaking in this clip even though most of the audition was actually speaking as a host. There’s just too much branding in the dialog, so we just put this together.