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Cynthia & Perry SDE

[music by christina perri]

One of the first things people say about Perry is that he’s always late. We’ve witnessed first hand a bit of proof of his punctuality, but on the day of the wedding, the one who was late was the pastor.

I am sure the car troubles that delayed the pastor did not bother the guests since they were enjoying the view at Casaloma.

The timing was the only little hiccup of the day much thanks to the meticulous planning by the bride Cynthia. During every meeting before the wedding, we were amazed the the attention to detail by the bride to be. Her bridal party say she’s been planning this day her entire life.

As part of the planning, Cynthia and Perry wanted a slideshow and an entrance video that spoke to their personality. Cynthia did the hard part and picked the pictures, we  did the easy part and put it together.

Cynthia loves singing in the car and watching a hidden camera show that features people singing in cars. So we thought it would be a fun idea to film something similar for the entrance.

It was quite incredible that despite living in different cities most of the time that this wedding came together so nicely. It’s a testament to their commitment to each other and their care for their guests.

Thanks Cynthia and Perry for having us on your special day!

See the vimeo post here: