Professional Cinematography


We are a Toronto based Cinematography company that focuses on capturing live events – specializing in Weddings.

Our philosophy is to make the final product enjoyable for you and for anyone in the world to enjoy.

This means that even your neighbour, in-law, or enemy will appreciate your story.

We are committed to customer service and working with you to exceed your expectations.

We service the Greater Toronto Area as well as cities across Canada including those in British Columbia, Alberta, Winnipeg and Quebec. We are also available for desitination weddings and other work abroad and internationally.

Find more samples at Vimeo:

Contact us:

Raymond Mendoza | Gail Reodica | Joel Reodica | Mark Ramos | Teo Labo

40 David Dunlap Circle – Toronto, Canada


Comments on: "About" (4)

  1. Hi guys,

    Firsty….love your work! I’ve just stumbled upon your site through a facebook friend and i’ve been a fan for about…..10 minutes now!

    I got a great idea for a segment……with a different twist.

    A more real story of the “almost” successes that is experienced by us Asian Canadian artists.

    I’ve performed for thousands at the skydome. I’ve been signed by different labels. I have an album and now…..i’m singing at a debut in a few months.

    This is a typical story for any filipino canadian artist who has tried to make a career in the biz in the last 10-15 years. The plight of the asian canadian artist.

    Hit me up if you think it’s an interesting idea. I have a show coming up in september and am starting to put rehearsals together now…you can follow.

  2. hmmmm ok….if not that idea… about training for a thai boxing fight?

    uh oh…i actually thought these comments were private.

    can someone email me with your rates?


  3. Hi there,

    My name is Andrey Tochilin. I am a professional wedding video producer. I recently found your website; it looks interesting. It will be great to work with you. Please let me know if you need a video (DSLR cinema) producer (main or second shooter, editor, etc). You can see examples of my portfolio at my website

    I’m shooting with Canon 5D Mark II, L-series lenses, Manfrotto video monopod, Zoom H4n sound recorder, Rode VideoMic. I did nine weddings within last few months.

    Hopefully see you soon. Cheers.

    Andrey Tochilin

  4. Stumbled upon your site while doing some research…. just wanted to let you know how fantastic your work is. Please keep it up!

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