Professional Cinematography

Here is proof a positive attitude can change the mood of the day and the weather. Cindy and Anthony’s wedding ceremony was planned to be on the hilltop outside of the McMichael Art Gallery.

Pouring rain forced the facility to start setting up inside. Cindy and Anthony’s positive attitude seemingly changed the weather like an episode from X-men, the animated series.

It is very easy to let nerves get the best of you on one of the biggest days of your life. Nerves didn’t appear to affect Cindy.

It was the culmination of a big series of events. A week after they got engaged, Cindy discovered she was pregnant. While Kaleb’s arrival altered short term plans, Kaleb only strengthened the bond of a relationship that already spanned 13 years. Cindy describes it best, “Now we’re a family”.

The new family received this film as a gift from very thoughtful friends.


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