Professional Cinematography

This is a more technical post than what we usually do, but I think it’s also important to share information in addition to showcasing our clients.

As you have probably noticed, same day edits are a big part of our portfolio. We’re always trying to find ways to streamline our workflows and produce higher quality stories in shorter time.

One aspect that takes a lot of time is encoding i.e. taking our edit and exporting it to a format suitable for delivery on web, DVD, BluRay, etc.

Recently, we picked up a Turbo.264 HD which a device that plugs into your USB port and speed up encodes.

Turbo.264 HD

It definitely speeds things up, but at a major price of quality. As an example, we used a 5 minute wedding film. Our regular encoder, Compressor, took 46 minutes to spit out an HD file while it took Turbo.264 HD, 16 minutes.

I tried to get the bitrates to match, but to no avail. The results are pretty obvious. Turbo.264 HD darkens the image and reduces quite a bit of detail.

Our recommendation is not to use it only for intermediate exports not the final product.

01-Compressor vs. Turbo.264 HD

02-Compressor vs Turbo.264 HD


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