Professional Cinematography

We shot an artist showcase feature our friends Dave and Keeno in July 2009. It was our first live performance with the Canon 5D MKII. We also used a traditional camera. The picture’s levels look odd because I just wanted to show Joel on the camera.

I made the levels all wack to show Joel holding the camera

The event took place at M Studios in Mississauga which is a small bar and lounge equipped with a video and audio production studio. Very cool combination.

David Soul is a long time friend as is Keeno (on the Piano). They are both characters.

Dave Soul singing at M Studios
Keeno on the Keys at M Studios

The evening featured another female artist whose name escapes me in my old age.
The trio singing at M studios Artist showcase

On the production and capture side, we focused primarily on David and Keeno, mainly because we knew them. We planned to only capture several songs but ended up capturing most of the evening. We also hooked up an MP3 recorder to the sound system’s output to get clean audio. It made a huge difference though you may not be able to tell from the video.

You’ll also notice that when we interviewed them, but did not set the proper color temperature between the cameras. This was just pure laziness and I don’t think it affected the overall effect too much.

Note that the pictures above are screen captures from video.

With no further ado, here it is. Not bad as a first try with the 5D.


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